Club Qing - Specialized in Japanese Whiskies and Rare Whiskies of the world

Club Qing operates an independent bottling business as well as a whisky bar in Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 2015, Club Qing has been an advocate of whiskies in the region.

Our Whisky Bar

Located at the heart of Central - Lan Kwai Fong, Club Qing is a whisky bar specializing in rare and old whiskies. Our huge selection includes Japanese whiskies from all Japanese distilleries, both past and present.

On the Scotch sides, we focus mainly on rare and old expressions. Some of the whiskies that we have/had included Bowmore 1957, Bowmore Bicentenary, Laphroaig, Caol Ila from the 60's, Macallan from the 30's & 40's, whiskies from closed distilleries like Port Ellen, Brora, Convalmore, St. Magdalene, Glenugie, Rosebank just to name a few.

We also have 10 carefully designed whisky tasting sets for customers who want to explore the world of whiskies.

Our Independent Bottling Service

Not only does Club Qing offer whiskies by the glass, but also by the bottle and by the cask. In 2015, Club Qing has established the first independent bottler based in Hong Kong. Over the years we have bottled numerous casks from Scotland and Japan, under the brand Club Qing as well as for private customers. We have a diversified portfolio of maturing casks waiting to be bottled. if you are interested in creating your own private whisky bottlings, please get in touch. Some of our independently bottled casks are shown below.

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Club Qing
10/F, Cosmos Building, 8-11 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
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Mon - Sat: 6:00pm - 1:00am
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