Club Qing is a whisky bar specializing in rare and old whiskies. Our huge selection includes Japanese whiskies from all Japanese distilleries, both past and present. That includes:

Yamazaki 山崎 / Hakushu 白州 / Hibiki 響 / Suntory サントリー
Yoichi 余市 / Miyagikyo 宮城峡 / Taketsuru 竹鶴 / Nikka ニッカ
Karuizawa 軽井沢 / Hanyu 羽生 / Chichibu 秩父
Shinshu Mars 信州マルス / Kagoshima 鹿児島
Fuji Gotemba 富士御殿場 / Sasanokawa Shuzo 笹の川酒造
Eigashima 江井ヶ嶋酒造 / Toyo Jozo 東洋醸造

On the Scotch sides, we focus mainly on rare and old expressions. Some of the whiskies that we have/had included Bowmore 1957, Bowmore Bicentenary, Laphroaig, Caol Ila from the 60's, Macallan from the 30's & 40's, whiskies from closed distilleries like Port Ellen, Brora, Convalmore, St. Magdalene, Glenugie, Rosebank just to name a few.

We also have over 30 carefully designed whisky tasting sets for customers who want to explore the world of Japanese whiskies.

When we originally design the bar, we want to bring a total different experience to our customers by not only serving great whiskies, but also showcase some of the rarest and interesting whiskies we could find. There is a corner at Club Qing to showcase some of these rare collections - including various Karuizawa single casks and a full set (54 bottles) of the Hanyu Playing Card Series.

Not only did we try to find the best whiskies available to serve at the bar, but also find great casks and do our private bottlings. As of 2017, we have already bottled 7 casks, all of which have recieved encourage feedbacks from our customers as well as world acclaimed tasting experts.

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Club Qing
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